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The web has changed the way we buy.

When considering a major purchase (a new car, a PC) consumers do quite a bit of research before committing and the same is true of your customers. 83% of B2B buyers start their research process on the internet, most probably with Google and their decision is largely made before they would consider engaging with you or your competitors (source: CEB 2015). 

Interruptive marketing (advertising, cold calling, unsolicited emails), is becoming less and less effective - customers ignore or actively block it with technology.  So stop chasing your prospects - attract and engage them instead. Inbound marketing offers you the opportunity to reach your prospects during their research phase, to be useful to them, to help them understand how your company could be part of the solution their looking for. 

Magic Cat is a HubSpot certified inbound marketing agency.

We will help you to drive more traffic to your website, and generate and nurture the leads you need to reach your revenue goals. Then optimise the performance of your marketing for continuous improvement, so you achieve even greater success over time. 


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